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Brand Alignment


The following are questions designed to ensure that we get off to the right start and are on the same page. Tell me about the project you want us to work on together and the background behind your company. The more detail you can give, the better the insights I can receive that might feed into the design work that I create. At the bottom of the page are some extra exercises that will help to get to know you and your brand so that I can tailor the design effectively.


If you prefer, a downloadable version is available on request.


Lets Get started

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The brief
Do you have an event that you require the design work for? Perhaps you want to launch your brand before a certain date.
Company background
Do you have business partners that will be delivering feedback on designs?
What are your main markets? If selling online, who are you mainly targeting your services towards?
Who is your current target market? Age range? Lifestyle? Are you open to targeting new or niche markets?
What are your unique selling points? What makes your company different/better/unique?
Getting to the root
Did you start this business due to a personal journey (e.g - suffering ill health and finding healing through superfoods and setting up a superfood company.)
Encapsulate the main aim of your company and tell me how it contributes to supporting people/the environment. (e.g - empowering women or reducing environmental impact through education/product/services)
Would you like us to discuss how your company name could be better and help you to stand out?
Copywriting can make or break a brand- this is the tone of voice for all of your text- on flyers, websites, packaging. To ensure a brand that is consistent in its message, I recommend either hiring me to do the copywriting or hiring someone else to cover this aspect.
Existing Design Work
Please state how your current design work fulfils your needs and where it falls short in as much detail as possible. (e.g - my current designs tell everyone the information they need to know, but it doesn't make my company seem professional/quirky/fun)
Products & Packaging
Please list any ranges or individual products, as well as any ideas for upcoming products.
If not, tell me what is and what isn't working for you in as much detail as possible. Please direct me to where I can see the design of the packaging. Please tell me which specific products/ranges you are looking to redesign.
Please provide links or send in a separate email to
Are there any restrictions on packaging type? Would you be open to researching and considering more environmentally sustainable alternatives?
Or are you looking for a company to produce the final printed packaging?
If yes, are you happy with how it currently is, or would you be interested in redesigning or tweaking it? Please send me a copy of the logo as it is currently.
Please provide links or send in an email to
I am currently able to offer basic websites designed through squarespace. It is an intuitive way to create a website, and enables you as my client to edit the website yourself after I have set it up for you. This can include e-commerce.
Do you already have a web designer or would you like to add a basic site set up to your brief?
Questions & Concerns
How did you find that experience? What did they do well and what could have been better?

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This exercise helps us to find what feeling you want to leave your customer with, anytime they interact with your business. Think of your company as a character. What would their personality be? Every time a customer interacts with your brand, they should get a consistent feel for the character of your brand. 

Make a big cloud of words (adjectives) that describe your team and your business or particular project. 
I have found that this is also very handy to keep by your desk, and the desk of anyone that works for you so that they can refer back to it at any point and keep the copy writing, social media posts and graphics in alignment with the brand.

These words should be descriptive of either you, your business , or both (have a mix of all 3, this helps in getting a feel for the character of your business and yourself, which is helpful in putting yourself out there authentically through your business.) For example- Soul Full Design is positive, grounded, colourful, warm, unique. You can see these qualities reflected in my logo.

Aim to have at least 15 words, the more the better!
Here is my example:



In this exercise, we will take the time to discover subtle nuances that inform the way we present ourselves even more. By delving deep into this exercise we find out how there are many ways to be the words we listed in exercise one, and what way resonates best with us.

Create a list of all of the words from the word cloud exercise. At the top, write ‘What (business name) Is’.
Next, create a second column. At the top of it, write ‘What (business name) Isn’t’
In the second column, take the word from the first column and think of a word that is similar, but doesn’t describe your business. Some of these will be direct opposites of the word in the first column. However, you should try to explore the possibilities fully before you settle on an exact opposite, to get the most out of this exercise. 

Here is my example:


This exercise supports us in getting clear about the aesthetics that we like and are drawn towards. It helps us to imagine how our business could look, and clarifies our aesthetic goals.

This is a vision board for how you would like your business to look, and anything that you enjoy the feel or look of. you can pull images from the internet, draw, collage, make a pinterest board of inspiring imagery ( A great tool for vision boarding if you’re short on magazines or craft supplies.

Spend some time dreaming, as if money and time were not an issue in the aesthetics of your business.­­ See what comes forth, you may be surprised by what comes up, as we sometimes don’t let ourselves dream for the fear of not being able to make it a reality. If you would prefer, write down links to any websites you love the look of (blogs you love, people you admire, but keep in mind that it is the imagery/feel of how they are presenting themselves that you are looking at.

There are myriad ways to make your dream a reality, to start, you have to know what you want!