Hi, I'm Stephanie Ayres, the founder and designer behind (Kinsale, Ireland based) Soul Full Design. I wanted to create a design company with a difference; where the work I do helps businesses to be the best version of themselves, whilst also being in line with my own personal ethics. 

Soul Full Ethics:

  • We keep good company - I only work with companies who care about the planet and the people, and who strive to create a positive impact. 
  • I do not work for free- the work I do is very valuable and can take your brand to the next level. I value you as a client, and I know you will value me too!
  • I do not do spec work - if you like the work that I have created in my portfolio then you can book in for a creative consultation session - which should give us both an idea of whether we're a good fit for each other.
  • I work together with my clients - it is a collaborative process where all opinions are considered, whilst using my design expertise to guide and get the best out of projects.
  • I pride myself on the quality of the work and services I provide, and I hope your company strives for quality and durability in whatever you do too. If its worth doing, its worth doing well, with passion & skill.




I studied illustration to degree level, but felt that I could offer more by using both my design and illustration skills side by side to help businesses create a positive impact in the world. Most of my work contains illustrative elements, and I believe that this can make your business stand out from the crowd, get you noticed and convey your message far more than words can. 

  • I work hard to communicate the stories that need to be told through the brands that we create together. 
  • I aim to remain authentic and true to the people behind the companies I work with. 
  • I make brands and packaging that jump off the shelves by using my unique skill set of hand drawn illustration, typography and colour expertise. 
  • I love what I do! My heart is in it all the way.
  • I've worked for big multi-national companies to rebrand their extensive product ranges (no easy feat for a one person design team), however through working with the companies and listening closely to what is needed, we developed eye catching designs, worked extremely hard to meet deadlines, and launched their new looks to the delight of many.